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Oh hello! My name is Erin and there is always something on my mind.

My Tumblr consist mainly of…
landscape, cityscapearchitecture, quotes, gaming, TV, movies, YouTube, food, funny things, animals, and of course Rooster Teeth.
As well as anything else that catches my eye. Also I post personal things from time to time.

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    my friend is a professional porn model and a girl we used to know walked up to her and REALLY maliciously said she and her boyfriend were disgusted because her boyfriend had stumbled across nude pictures of my friend online and my friend was like “my photos are currently only available for people who pay so there probably wasn’t a lot of stumbling involved” and sashayed out I am so proud

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    Jonathan Latiano’s Site-Specific Installations

    by Nastia Voynovskaya

    Using wood, paint, mirrors and found materials, Jonathan Latiano builds crystalline structures for his site-specific installations. Breaking through walls or rising up and bursting from the floor, the geode-like shapes Latiano builds invite spontaneity, disrupting the ways we expect space to be organized in our mundane environments. Interested in biology, geology and physics, Latiano uses his work as a means to explore the physical world. The artist is based in Baltimore, MD and currently teaches at The Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC. Take a look at some of his recent works below.

    Much more at

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